Saturday, July 18, 2009

Poor little M is too much like her mother, through no fault of her own! Seems she gets the attention of the police every where she goes!

So, Grandpa M is in trouble, still (it would be again except that he gets into trouble and then maintains the status quo so that he needn't worry about getting into trouble!).

Jazz doesn't like the picture I posted of her in the MS150 so, here's a new picture! You girls go! Look at all those people you smoked up that hill! Dropped 'em all like yesterday's news.

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Jamie said...

ha ha well it is actually hard to tell... we either smoked them, or they were just about to pass us! ha ha

And yes.. Maddy was in trouble with the pretend law enforcement that day at the Corinne pageant! lol... but since when do I get in trouble with law enforcement?? I don't recall whatever it is you are referring to!