Saturday, August 1, 2009

Did I mention that the girls were coming over tonight?

Oh, sorry my bad! Here they are!

I don't care too much for having so many neighbors in such a tight place. But Salt Lake has a beauty about it that's hard to fully appreciate! Here's a runoff shot taken just 5 miles from town but free and clear of the hustle and bustle.

Maddy loves to fly with grandpa M. Most of the time she's sound asleep making this a rare photo!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Poor little M is too much like her mother, through no fault of her own! Seems she gets the attention of the police every where she goes!

So, Grandpa M is in trouble, still (it would be again except that he gets into trouble and then maintains the status quo so that he needn't worry about getting into trouble!).

Jazz doesn't like the picture I posted of her in the MS150 so, here's a new picture! You girls go! Look at all those people you smoked up that hill! Dropped 'em all like yesterday's news.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not much new here!

Grandma, Grandpa, and Jamie rode in the MS150 in Logan, Utah in June. Here's the photos we've obtained. The other person in the photos is our good friend James.

Grandma and Jamie took 30 minutes off their time from last year! Way to go girls!!!! That's a huge effort!

My time wasn't quite as fast as last year's but I didn't have the benefit of the pace line (draft) we had last year so I was quite pleased with my effort as well.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Caught fishing - again!

Actually, this was Maddy's idea.  And it wasn't as dark as it appears in the photo.  Nice shot Stef!

So, we just had a wonderful trip to Lake Powell.  The water is rising, fast about 30 vertical feet so far this spring.  Some of us are parking a bit too close to the edge as the water rises.  I can't help but wonder if this guy might have said something more than farfegnugen if the Park Service hadn't towed the cars on the edge away?  I know the car isn't a VW but it is German so....

Here's a picture or two of some of my favorite boaters!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

So, Stef has her new camera, on land and under water.  Here are her efforts, or at least some of them.   Well don dear!

Stef and I got home last night from 8 days in Aruba.  We had a blast and got in 12 scuba dives. Two a day for 5 days and two night dives.   Our friends Dave and Roberta went with us.  It's nice to be home again.  We missed the kids and the activities at home but a few days on a beautiful island sure was nice too.  

We dove with Red Sail, Silvia, Norman, Evette, and Anim were our Dive Masters (each on different dives).  They took very good care of us and we had a blast!

Dave, who sinks like a rock, was able to his surprise, to successfully tread water toward his Dive Master rating. 

Here are some pictures.  I've got underwater video too so we'll see if the grandpa's technical abilities can be enhanced (later)!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just got back from two weekends in a row at Lake Powell.  We went down the first weekend to meet some friends from Colorado and had a nice time in the wind.  Then last weekend, we went down for Nick's Spring Break.  The weather was better and we had a great time relaxing up Navajo Canyon on a wonderful sandy beach. 

Sorry we don't have more pictures but we mainly stayed in place and floated on our anchors. Which was one of the best long weekends in a long time! 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mom and Dad about 1975

Together again, at last!

Dad - when he was younger.  He was stationed in Alaska working outside when the chance came up to be a cook he realized that was an inside job where he'd be warm so he jumped at the chance.  Later, during Vietnam, he had  a son of JR Simplot working with him in the kitchen.  Since Dad was the sergeant, it brought him great please to tell Simplot to "peel your daddy's potatoes." 


We lost Dad in November.  Here's one of him in later years.
So, Jazzer's complaining because I haven't put anything new up lately!!!!!


OK, so I'm just not that impressed by my life, what can I say.  It's been winter, we've been in spin classes three times a week, working out at the gym three more times a week.  Ice  fishing a bit, attending an Alumni Dance which Jamie did a wonderful job in, listening to Nick play, perform, and sing.  

Stef, Jamie, some friends, and I are getting ready for a century bicycle ride the end of this month. To that end, we're rather focused on getting into better shape, earlier this spring than usual.  We've done centuries before, but not in February.  So, we'll see what happens.  Not much chance to ride on the road this early in the year.  Spin bikes just aren't he same as road bikes so this could be interesting.  On the other hand, if the weather is bad we'll just have a nice relaxing weekend in St George and skip the ride.  I've lost about 18 pounds of fat getting into shape.  So, ride or no ride, it's been a good thing to pursue.  

For Valentine's Day Stef and I gave each other bicycle wheels.  She got a set of Zipp 404s and I've ordered 202s but mine aren't in yet!  Look forward to riding them soon.  But it doesn't look like they'll be here in time for this century.   I'm hoping to pick up a set of 404s as well later this spring.   But, they are really hard to come by do to demand exceeding supply.   

Otherwise, not much going on here.  Try and get some new pictures later!