Thursday, August 14, 2008

One other nice development of late.... someone, or some cat, knocked by Nikon D70, with flash attached, off my desk onto the floor breaking my camera.

So, I went camera shopping.  Ouch!  The new toy is on the tall side of $1,000.  Gonna have to wait for Christmas on that one.  So, well see if we can't find a way to get something going in the mean time to be of interest!
If you've been watching and waiting....SORRY!  

I thought we could save a buck and uncharacteristically decided to give it a try.  BAD MOVE! We thought we'd try out a web based phone system for $25 a month hey, it beats $55 a month to Qwest or so I thought!!!!  Don't do your own thinking here Grandpa!  So we ordered the new phone system.  I didn't realize when they called Qwest they wouldn't keep our DSL line for us. So we got the new phone system and the internet quit working.  That meant the phone quit working too.  We figured out what went wrong and scheduled an appointment for Qwest to hook us back up.  They didn't show up.  A call to them revealed they had screwed up our day. We rescheduled for several days later.  They came out and then we learned that our modem was cooked.  Bought a new modem and just got that working.  Oh, by the way did I mention that the DSL line without a dial tone is as much as the whole phone service?  My bad, should have brought that up too.  

So, in the end, this whole deal cost us more money and headache than it will ever be worth!  

Thank you Qwest, I love you no less than always.  As reported, your customer service is.....