Sunday, May 31, 2009

So, Stef has her new camera, on land and under water.  Here are her efforts, or at least some of them.   Well don dear!

Stef and I got home last night from 8 days in Aruba.  We had a blast and got in 12 scuba dives. Two a day for 5 days and two night dives.   Our friends Dave and Roberta went with us.  It's nice to be home again.  We missed the kids and the activities at home but a few days on a beautiful island sure was nice too.  

We dove with Red Sail, Silvia, Norman, Evette, and Anim were our Dive Masters (each on different dives).  They took very good care of us and we had a blast!

Dave, who sinks like a rock, was able to his surprise, to successfully tread water toward his Dive Master rating. 

Here are some pictures.  I've got underwater video too so we'll see if the grandpa's technical abilities can be enhanced (later)!