Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mom and Dad about 1975

Together again, at last!

Dad - when he was younger.  He was stationed in Alaska working outside when the chance came up to be a cook he realized that was an inside job where he'd be warm so he jumped at the chance.  Later, during Vietnam, he had  a son of JR Simplot working with him in the kitchen.  Since Dad was the sergeant, it brought him great please to tell Simplot to "peel your daddy's potatoes." 


We lost Dad in November.  Here's one of him in later years.
So, Jazzer's complaining because I haven't put anything new up lately!!!!!


OK, so I'm just not that impressed by my life, what can I say.  It's been winter, we've been in spin classes three times a week, working out at the gym three more times a week.  Ice  fishing a bit, attending an Alumni Dance which Jamie did a wonderful job in, listening to Nick play, perform, and sing.  

Stef, Jamie, some friends, and I are getting ready for a century bicycle ride the end of this month. To that end, we're rather focused on getting into better shape, earlier this spring than usual.  We've done centuries before, but not in February.  So, we'll see what happens.  Not much chance to ride on the road this early in the year.  Spin bikes just aren't he same as road bikes so this could be interesting.  On the other hand, if the weather is bad we'll just have a nice relaxing weekend in St George and skip the ride.  I've lost about 18 pounds of fat getting into shape.  So, ride or no ride, it's been a good thing to pursue.  

For Valentine's Day Stef and I gave each other bicycle wheels.  She got a set of Zipp 404s and I've ordered 202s but mine aren't in yet!  Look forward to riding them soon.  But it doesn't look like they'll be here in time for this century.   I'm hoping to pick up a set of 404s as well later this spring.   But, they are really hard to come by do to demand exceeding supply.   

Otherwise, not much going on here.  Try and get some new pictures later!